Das Datenbase Update ...


radioSPARKS.com discussion about a new data source.

Figure 33 : Early radioSPARKS.com receiver design.

Helmut, what is that?
Herr Kommandant, this is a new database engine for the website.
Helmut, what is a website? And, how did you get colour in a black and white photograph?
Herr Kommandant, This is a secret, code named Fireworks, and the website will not be invented for another 90 years, called RadioSparks.com!
Ach! Helmut. I didn't understand anything you just said. Your creativity is, as always, unbelievable. I really thought that was a radio receiver you had made.


Welcome to the NEW look ...


Early radioSPARKS.com get together.

Figure 37 : Early radioSPARKS.com get together.

I'm still tinkering with the guts of the web site and hopefully, some wonderful web pages will surface from the background. So keep checking in and hang in there! TNX!

We're moving to a real database, finally! Hopefully, this will improve performance of the site. Many Thanks to NextWebHosting.com. I have so many ideas I don't know where to start. Having a database changes the way I create and manage web pages.

Below are some of the lastest documents people are viewing.

navAID Figure 1104 : VLF LC Oscillator

VLF LC Oscillator

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